Monday, 12 September 2011


Well, hello there! I haven't forgot about you, dear blog! I just took an unexpected 'little' break for a fortnight or so. I was going to write about four posts and put them all up on saturday but realised the less annoying and more sensible thing to do would be to save them up and dish them out throughout the week. So here I am!

Since I've been away I've been somewhat busy, sorting out my new house in Belfast, going out for birthday party, getting my hair chopped, cinema tripping (times two), dj-ed, adventuring in a cave system and, in between times, working! No busier than usual, I suppose!

As I mentioned, I helped a friend celebrate their twenty first birthday party just over a week ago. It was a moderately crazy night. I made him a little card and a mix CD and brought him a little bottle of bubbly as a token gift (he's not really into my type of music, and I still haven't heard his opinions on the CD - he probably threw it in the fire in disgust, haha!). His card was tailor made for him. He's been told, many a time, that he looks like a young Tom Cruise, and I think, if he had to pick any film character to be his alter-ego, it would definitely be Maverick from Top Gun.

I sourced the image on google and used some papers out of a scrapbooking book that was a lucky find by my mama. I think he liked this one!

Another arty project I got stuck into was painting. I bought a little round canvas for about £3 a few weeks back and really couldn't think of anything to put on it. This piece is inspired by a) Jejune Stars by my all time favourites, Bright Eyes (see the video below - cracking song!!), b) Victorian silhouette portraits and c) my strong desire to flick paint onto a canvas and make a mess.

The text reads 'Sure, I had my doubts but I know it now, we are jejune stars. So it starts again at our childhood's end, I'll die young at heart.' (lyrics from the song).

Really happy with how it turned out, and I'm looking forward to giving it a home in my new room! I'll also be doing another painting or two soon, probably on a larger scale, to sit in our new living room or hall. We like to nest!

Check back tomorrow for a music recommendation that I'm really excited to share with you!

love, Jessica

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