Friday, 14 October 2011


These photos have been sitting on my desktop for several weeks now, making me feel guilty about not posting at all. Sorry, photographs! This outfit was comprised almost exclusively of new clothes, and it's almost totally from H+M, one of my favourite shops! I can always find an armful of clothes I love in there, and despite it's good value, visiting it can be unhealthy for my purse and bank balance!

Hat - UO
Jumper - H+M
Skirt - H+M
Tights - H+M
Faun Necklace - H+M
Pumps - Topshop
This jumper is the ultimate in cosy comfort! It's soft and perfectly oversized and can be thrown on over dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans - I know, I've tried it - to keep you toasty warm. I'm a big fan of layering, so it's a perfect addition to my wardrobe this autumn. My skirt was a mega bargain at £3.99, another basic that, thanks to it's neutral tones sits well with pretty much anything!

Gubbins stalked me around the garden while I was taking out my photo kit, so I thought it would only be fair to take his portrait too!

I'm planning on spending quite a while tomorrow writing up notes from uni, but hopefully I'll get the chance to write up another little wish-list to satiate my retail desires!

love, Jessica


  1. I lololove the sweater and the tights, might have to visit H&M tomorrow. I've been looking for a great grey sweater for ages, maybe this one is the one?

  2. Cute outfit, I adore your necklace! x