Thursday, 28 July 2011


A few weeks ago I tried my hand at baking Red Velvet Cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting! Again, I used the lovely Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, which I used to make this lemon loaf. The whole baking process went really well, although when I got to a certain point, mixing in the cocoa powder and red food colouring, when I realised that these cupcakes weren't exactly going to be 'red' velvet. 

I used regular food colouring, though the recipe did recommend Dr. Oetker's version specifically. Not having it readily available, I went ahead, and unfortunately, ended up with what was essentially brown velvet. My friend, Emma, told me that brown was more vintage anyway, and again, they tasted pretty good, so I was happy enough!

Next week I'll be posting my photos from baking with white chocolate and pecan cookies, which were unusually successful!

love, Jessica

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