Saturday, 20 August 2011


Being a Pharmacy student, you might think that my part time work should be Pharmacy based, but that's where you'd be wrong! I've been working for a few years every saturday for a local car dealership (answering the phones, not selling cars, silly!) but also during the summer for a local photographer, Jim Hamill, helping him out with processing photos and a few bits and pieces of design work.

The good news is, he and his wife just had their first baby last week, a lovely baby boy! Of course, the day I heard, I was in H&M, and if you've ever been in the children section of H&M, you'll know how ridiculously cute the clothes are. Particularly the baby clothes!

I couldn't resist snapping up a tiny pair of skinny jeans, a pair of braces and this plain grey long-sleeved shirt.

Of course, I decided to put a little personal touch to the shirt with a bit of Dylon fabric paint! I painted a D-SLR, since his Daddy is a photographer, and added his birth date on the tag at the side, for an extra touch.

I made the little baby a card too, with some lovely paper from a scrapbooking book my mama scored for me in TK Maxx, some rainbow coloured Sharpie markers and a bit of pritt stick!

He was thrilled with it, particularly the shirt, and said that it would never be off his back! Next week I'll hopefully be sharing some design work and possibly some illustration (if I get round to it)!

love, Jessica

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