Saturday, 20 August 2011


A new feature I'm planning on writing every so often is Wishful Thinking! All too often I find myself daydreaming of outfits I could put together if only I had such and such a piece of clothing I've spied, or what I could accomplish if only I had this item or that, or how much I'd love to do this  or go there, and this blog is the ideal place to document my wishlists as they continue to grow! I'm limiting this to five 'things' per post, because otherwise it would just get out of control.

This week's number one: a good haircut and colour
(image found through Oh the Lovely Things)
I haven't had my hair cut in 4 months plus, and it's really starting to show! I've all but given up on the front of it in particular, it was once a 70's styled short-ish full fringe, but has now grown out into one long piece of hair which I sometimes wear to one side, and other times wear as long loose centre parted bangs. I want it cut ASAP! I want my full fringe back, and I want it coloured too. It's been years since I last dyed my hair, and because I'm too scaredy-cat to cut my hair off into anything very interesting, the only way to get a change is to dye it, and I'm really into the ombre trend at the minute, so I think a little subtle lightening on the ends would go down a treat.

Number two: a tripod.

(image from Amazon)
Since starting this blog, I've come to realise that taking self portraits, particularly for outfit posts, is an art-form. I truly believe my life would be one hundred times easier if only I had a tripod! I did have one of these Hama ones, until it got stuck somewhere while I was outside in the dark taking some pictures of the sky at night and I accidentally snapped it! I realise that I'd save money in the long run with a more expensive tripod, but in the short run and near future, this cheapish tripod would be more than perfect!

Number three: American Apparel, full stop.
(images from American Apparel)
Yeah, that's right, if you want to get me a present, you can buy over the whole damn company in my name. I know that a lot of people consider it one of the kings of hipster branding, but by god, I have a special home in my heart for multi-coloured basics, and American Apparel is perfect for these. Something I have been lusting after for ages is a hoodie, plain and simple. I'd happily take one in several colours, but at the minute the dark heather hrey is my favourite. Another item I've been admiring recently after is the double layer chiffon maxi skirt. I love that it's slightly sheer, and i'd be wearing it with a short body-con skirt underneath for modesty's sake.

Number four: an update to my makeup bag.
(images from Smashbox + Shiseido - see links below)
My makeup bag is already overflowing, but I'd definitely trade out some of my bits and pieces for something new! Foundation is something I have a lot of bother with, because my skin is pretty fair, and it's very hard to find a good match that's nice to wear and doesn't make me look like death. I'd like to try some of Mac's offerings, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them! Otherwise, I tried this Smashbox Soft-Lights blush/illuminator recently, and it was beautiful! So shimmery and pretty! And I'd also like to pick up some new lipsticks, like for example the lovely Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Fuschia! It's a killer shade.

Number five: sewing bits and pieces
(image from Make this Look - see links below)
I recently stumbled upon a wonderful website, MakeThisLook, which is an archive of all the Make this Look articles from Sew Weekly. It's ignited the desire to sew once again, and I'm dying to buy some fabric and sew myself up a pretty dress. Unfortunately, this is one of my more wishful fancies, because I don't have a lot of spare time, or the spare money to buy a lot of fabric to work with, but maybe as a weekend project in the future! This Day after Day dress is just beautiful!

Wow, I feel so much better after writing this. It's almost as though I bought everything!

love, Jessica

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