Saturday, 20 August 2011


Once again, I've been thwarted out of regularly updating this poor blog! I'll soon have to make it a weekly update. As I mentioned last week, on Sunday night past, I was DJing at the Kitten Bar at the Stiff Kitten in Belfast at No Dancing Club. It's a weekly event, though I only provide the music once every month or so, but it's something that I really enjoy both attending as a listener and working at! The music is generally easy-listening indie and alternative stuff, which, as you may have gathered from my weekly reccommendations, is just my cup of tea!

Rather than sharing a single artist this week, I'm going to give you my top five tracks from this week's playlist, starting with:

What a lovely song! What a lovely voice! I hadn't actually listened to this song until I played it, it was one of many I'd gathered from downloads of playlists from all over the internet, particularly from Urban Outfitters! I'd seriously recommend checking out their weekly Music Monday download, there's some real gems on them!

Okay, so this one has some pretty strange sounds going on it, but there's something mesmerising about it that I can't resist! Kind of reminds me of Yeasayer a little bit too.

This Bon Iver track is not new to anybody who has perused their wonderful new album, but it was begging to be blogged about since the video for it has been released. I've been thinking that I'd like to visit Iceland in the near future, and the video did nothing to dissuade me! Check it out, it's beautiful.

Again, there's some pretty weird sounds going on at the beginning of this track, but it gives way to a real beauty of a song. If you haven't heard M83 before, it's hard to explain, and if you have, you've probably heard this one already.

Manchester Orchestra are one of my very very favourite bands. Like, right up at the top. And this song of theirs has got to be one of my most listened to songs of all time! I play it pretty regularly, usually towards the end of the night, and I love how it fills the room. Enjoy, please!

love, Jessica

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