Saturday, 13 August 2011


I'm planning on doing a few different features in the coming weeks to add to this blog, but firstly, I'm coming to realise that I forgot to really introduce myself.

I'm Jessica Maye, a 20 year old student, who is studying Pharmacy (two years down, two years to go), but has a semi-secret love for drawing, painting, crafting and baking, a huge and rapidly growing music library, and a camera to record my daily adventures with.

T-shirt - New Look
Shorts - New Look
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Binocular Necklace - UO

Baby Bird Blog is essentially a lifestyle blog, which I created essentially for my own purpose, to create a record of my antics! Although it's only a baby blog at the minute, and I don't know quite where it will end up, I hope it will be filled with my projects, style posts, hundreds of photographs and hopes, goals and wishlists!

I opened this blog because I have been inspired by reading a number of other blogs over the past few months, including A Beautiful Mess, Fancy Treehouse and Orchid Grey, whose posts are filled with inspiration. Thousands of people visit these blogs on a daily basis, and the thought that even a few people would be interested in my life really makes posting here worthwhile!

The blog name is a bit of a touchy subject, to be honest! I originally wanted to go for something very simple and obvious - my own name! Unfortunately, something you'll have noticed if you've ever tried to create a Blogger, is that hundreds and thousands of great blog names are taken up by people who have either not posted since 2003 or posted once as a test blog and have left those domains tied up, often with no contact information. Eventually, after hundreds of failed attempts I tried using some of the nicknames my mama has used for me over the years. One, as you can guess, is baby bird. She has called me and my sister baby birds for as long as I can remember, so it seemed suitable (and personal) enough for me!

So I'm here, blogging away! Hopefully I'll keep up with the posts, especially when I get back to university. I'm constantly learning and speeding up my blogging process, and with any luck, in a few months, I'll have it down to a tee!

If you're reading, if you have read, and if you'll read again, thankyou! Stick around for me, will ya?

love, Jessica
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