Saturday, 13 August 2011


Although my iTunes library currently houses over 10,000 songs, I'm sometimes not quite sure what artist to share on my weekly recommendation here! Sometimes Facebook can be a bit of inspiration, since sometimes my friends post up some great songs and musicians that I've loved and forgotten about over time!

This week's pick is the lovely Frightened Rabbit. I hadn't forgotten about them, I listen to them all the time! I first heard the band when they supported Death Cab for Cutie a few years ago in St. George's Market, and started listening to them after that. Two years ago, I bought some tickets for Modest Mouse's gig in Mandela Hall, and I was thrilled when it was announced that they were supporting! Turned out, I really enjoyed Frightened Rabbit a lot more than Modest Mouse that night, and I got to say hello to Scott and Andy, two of the band members. They were super nice. (That was a really great night!)

I got to see them again about half a year ago, for the first time as the main act, in the Empire. It was a pretty magical gig, they have a very charming and compelling prescence! I also got to snap some photos, which always makes me happy at a gig.

Their music sets my heart alight! There really isn't any other way to put it! It's brittle and rough, but emotional and soulful, and the rhythms and guitar get buried in your head and have you happily humming their accompanying melodies for days.

My favorite album of theirs is Midnight Organ Fight, but both Sing the Greys and the Winter of Mixed Drinks are awesome albums and they're all definitely deserving of your attention, so get on it!!

This sunday night, I'll be playing some tunes in the Kitten Bar in Belfast at no dancing club, and next week I'll share a few tracks from my playlist with you!

love, Jessica

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