Wednesday, 3 August 2011


It's a day late, but I'm here and I'm blogging!

I'm posting this just after arriving home from day three of my placement - just two more to go! Being on my feet all day and all the concentration and thinking is starting to wear me down a little bit, and I'm going to be so happy to get in to my bed tonight!

Last night Mr. Sally and I took a little walk in the Argory (pictures to follow in a while!) followed by a cinema date to see Horrible Bosses! I think my experience of it was dampened by my tiredness and the overwhelming urge to just go to sleep in the warm, dark cinema - but it was a decent enough little film with some pretty funny moments (including some Arrested Development references).

My last two music recommendations have been pretty recent additions to my library, and I feel bad for neglecting some of my older favorites.

Say hello to Melody Gardot! I was introduced to her by my mama who saw her on some program or other a few years ago and who recommended her to me and I've been listening ever since! I love her silky, bluesy voice and her piano work is simply beautiful. You could listen to her music at any time, in any place and be swept away by it. It's captivating and romantic!

In 2003 she was cycling and was involved in an accident, suffering head, spinal and pelvic injuries, confining her to a bed for a year and forcing her to teach herself, for the second time in her life, how to carry out basic actions like walking.

Though having played the piano from the age of 9, it was only through the accident that she began to write music herself, prompted by her physician who recognised that music is thought to help the brain recover after damage (specifically, in Gardot's case, to the neural pathways between the two cortexes). She learned how to play the guitar while in the hospital, and when she left, she continued to write music, and in 2006 released her first full-length album, Worrisome Heart, followed in 2009 by My One and Only Thrill.

Both albums are well worth a listen, and if you like them, then like me, you'll probably find yourself coming back to them time and time again for another listen.

love, Jessica

PS. If like me, you find the idea of the power of music intriguing, you should take a little look at Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks - it's a very interesting read!

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